Our Mission, Vision and Values



“We will demonstrate a meaningful and urgent commitment to food security in the kingdom of Bahrain and the pursuit of excellence in our products and service offerings.Through effective communication and example we will promote positive and measurable outcomes. We will inspire active and enjoyable learning experiences and be a catalyst in creating understanding and wonderment of our product offerings.
By enhancing our manufacturing facilities we will lead individuals and communities in the wise and sustainable provision of food products.


“To inspire our stakeholders in offering healthy products and maintain leadership in food security in the kingdom of Bahrain”


“Supportive – Team approach – Sense of ownership – Sense of urgency – Flexibility – Trust – Loyalty – Integrity – Boundaryless – Outwardly focused – Embracing change – Diverse needs – Common values – Common vision – Fun – Enterprise – Excellence”

Strategic Objectives

“To maintain an efficiently sound business”  –  “Provide Food Security”  –  “Continual improvement of our products to enhance our customer experience”